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Personal site of the amateur radio operator UR3LTD Сервер радиолюбителей России - схемы, документация,
 соревнования, дипломы, программы, форумы и многое другое! Web site UR7QM
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AMSAT-EA Mission Manager Felix EA4GQS provides an update on the status of the EASAT-2 and HADES satellites launched on January 13, 2021

We confirm the reception of both EASAT-2 and HADES, as well as the decoding of telemetry and the FM recorded voice beacon with the callsign AM5SAT of the first one. EASAT-2 appears to be working well except for the deployment of the antennas, something that appa ... Читать дальше »
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Дни рождения радиолюбителей на 20 января

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ARRL reports the FCC has established April 14, 2022, as the date by which amateur radio transmissions must stop in the upper 3.45 – 3.5 GHz segment of the amateur secondary 9-centimeter band

The ARRL says:

Secondary operations are permitted to continue indefinitely in the remainder of the band, 3.3 – 3.45 GHz, pending ... Читать дальше »
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Not the greatest week but Friday and Saturday were pretty good. I managed PZ5RA, Suriname on Ten Metres FT8 but spent most time on 40m FT4.
Friday and Saturday were huge but depending on where you are there was some DX to the rest of the world during the week.
Best of the rest 4A90MIC (Mexico), FK8IK (New Caledonia), VK4BOB (Australia), VK6AS (Australia) and of course V51MA (Namibia)
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In the aftermath of  the Tonga volcanic eruption KPIX 5 News interviewed Dick Wade WM6G of the Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club

A family got a message of hope from Tonga after massive underground volcano triggered a tsunami and wiped out the island nation's communications infrastructure. John Ramos talked to Bay Area Ham Radio operator trying to help.
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HL Hunley Submarine commemorative station – N4HLH

Every February 17th will mark the anniversary of the sinking of the U.S.S. Housatonic by the submarine H. L. Hunley in Charleston SC.This is the anniversary of the first successful sinking of a warship by a submarine.

The Trident Amateur Radio Club will be operating a special event station, N4HLH, on February 17th from Fort Moultrie, on Sullivan’s Island, SC.

Fort Moultrie
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IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

19 January, 2021

Island activities:
Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON

CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 ... Читать дальше »

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17 января 2022 г. - 23 января 2022 г.

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