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Главная » 2020 » Ноябрь » 6 » TX0T Tatakoto Atoll
TX0T Tatakoto Atoll

Cezar, VE3LYC inform dxnews.com, что он будет активен как TX0T с атолла Татакото, IOTA OC-298, Французская Полинезия, 29 октября-5 ноября 2020 года.
Последние DX пятна TX0T
он будет работать на 40, 30, 20, 17m, CW, SSB, FT8.TX0T Log search
- два трансивера ICOM IC-7000 (один для запасных)
- две многополосные вертикали (один для запасных)
-две телескопические стеклопластиковые мачты (один для запасных)
-один усилитель Elecraft KPA500
-источник питания
QSL via VE3LYC direct, ClubLog OQRS, LOTW.
Объявления для direct QSL:
Cezar Trifu, 4986 Bath Road, Bath, ON, K0H 1G0, Канада.
Страна DXCC-Французская Полинезия, FO.
Информация от Цезаря:
Татакото-это атолл размером примерно 14 на 5 км, с полностью закрытой лагуной и большим количеством Моту. Деревня насчитывает около 260 жителей и занимает площадь около 1,5 х 0,5 км. Это единственный счетчик OC-298 IOTA reference, который все еще ждет своей первой операции после того, как станет "новым” в июне 2019 года.
Я поеду на своей машине в Оттаву и припаркую ее на стоянке аэропорта. Впоследствии я полечу из Оттавы в Вашингтон, округ Колумбия,и переночую там. Затем я продолжу свое путешествие в Сан-Франциско, а оттуда в Папеэте. Я должен пройти тест Covid-19 в Канаде за 72 часа до посадки на рейс из Оттавы. Затем я должен провести еще один тест Covid-19 в Папеэте, прежде чем отправиться в Татакото. Местные правила Covid-19 во Французской Полинезии и тот факт, что на маленьком атолле нет испытательного центра, делают меня необходимым прибыть в Папеэте за 6 дней до моего рейса в Татакото. В этом году есть только четыре рейса в Татакото, причем один из них 29 октября-первый и единственный, который позволит мне остаться на острове менее чем на 2 недели. Татакото не является туристом

пункт назначения во Французской Полинезии, но я буду исключительно обеспечен жильем и едой в деревне во время моего пребывания на острове.
Я должен прибыть в Татакото 29 октября, а отбыть 5 ноября. После возвращения в Папеэте я отправлюсь в тот же вечер в Сан-Франциско, а оттуда полечу в Торонто, а затем в Оттаву, откуда заберу машину и вернусь домой.

Alain Claverie, F2HE was active from Tatakoto Atoll as FO0CLA.

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll News 6 November 2020

I made it to Papeete in time, and I'm waiting for my flight to San Francisco to be open for check-in in a few minutes. The log is now available at Club Log. However, I won't be able to attend to any inquiries until I'll return back home and have a good sleep, hi. I know that some chasers couldn't make the log, and I am truly sorry for it. This being said, I hope that those I was able to copy and log have lived this adventure just as intensely as I did. Thank you all for the pileups!

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll News 30 October 2020

Cezar, VE3LYC start his activity as TX0T from Tatakoto Atoll.

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll News 29 October 2020

All my luggage is now checked in with big 'Fragile' stickers - just over 60 kg, hi. Boarding is at 18:30 UTC.

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll News 28 October 2020

I arrived in time at the Air Tahiti check-in desk on the Los Angeles airport. Upon verification that I do have the correct and valid covid-19 type test, Air Tahiti issued me a new ticket from LA to Papeete. I am currently waiting for boarding, which will start momentarily. I haven't eaten much today, so I'm waiting for the 'dinner on the plane', hi. I don't know what other adventure awaits me in French Polynesia, but I hope that I left all mishap here in North America. I will arrive in Papeete at 05:05 am local time, after which I will go straight to the hotel. At 8 am I need to be at one of the local covid-19 test centers to take another test required for the travel to Tatakoto.
TX0T News 28 October
I am now at the guesthouse in Papeete. The arrival in Tahiti was uneventful, except that the passengers found themselves under a torrential rain pouring in just as they put foot on the tarmack. I managed to sleep for four hours during the flight, which allowed me to get here a bit refreshed. The covid-19 test clinics open at 8 am, and I'll have to find the closest one to go to right away.

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll News 27 October 2020

Bad news... United Airlines (UA) wanted to see a covid-19 test result dated no later than Oct 24. Despite my explanation that I have only one ticket, from Ottawa to Papeete, despite email correspondence that I had with the Ministry of Health of French Polynesia which clearly showed that they are OK with my testing as done, the airline was firm in not allowing me to board.

The head of the respective UA team indicated that he is absolutely convinced, based on the information I provided that French Polynesia authorities will allow me into the country. However, UA have their rules, and they can be fined if they don't respect them! Even if he will allow me to board, it is highly possible that his counterpart in San Francisco won't, and if so he will be blamed for making the decision to board me in the first place.

I have searched the internet and there is only one farmacy, relatively close to the airport, which offers 'rapid covid testing', and it opens at 9 am. I will phone them in half an hour to see if I can get my results before 3-4 pm. If so, I will take the test, wait for the result, make sure that it is negative, and attempt to re-book my travel to Papeete with American Airlines (AA) if there are still seats available. AA have a flight to Los Angeles late afternoon, and from there to Papeete, but I cannot book and pay for them unless I have the test in hand.

If I cannot get the result sufficiently fast, so that I can be at the airport by no later than 4:15 pm local time (20:15 UTC), or if there is no seat availability to Los Angeles or from there to Papeete, I have no choice other than to return back home.

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll 26 October 2020

I made it to Washington DC, along with all the bags. I'll spend the night here and depart very early tomorrow morning.

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll News 24 October 2020

Good news: the result of the COVID-19 test I undertook yesterday was posted today on the specialize website and it is negative!

TX0T News 21 October 2020

In order to comply with current entry requirements of French Polynesia, I need to take a covid-19 test on Friday, three days in advance of my departure flight. I am scheduled for it at 9:50 am. There is no such thing here as a 'rapid' test, so the results are not guaranteed to be available by Monday morning, but I was told that most of them come within 24 to 48 hours. Fingers crossed!

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll News 14 October 2020

All equipment has been tested and performed as designed. While I do not intend to operate FT8 if propagation conditions allow for CW/SSB contacts, I have included a contingency for it, in case of unforeseen major solar disturbance that would seriously affect communication using these modes.

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll 10 October 2020

The operation will be conducted from CH02sp grid square (~17.3428 S, 138.4500 W), which you should use when checking the forecast for propagation conditions at your location.

TX0T Tatakoto Atoll News 30 September 2020

All donors will automatically by mailed QSL cards directly if they made the log. Additionally, they will benefit from their contacts being uploaded and available for QSO matching 30 days after the expedition.

I will be working with Alfio (IT9EJW), who will do the QSL design and printing, to ensure that direct QSL requests will be mailed by early January 2021. Meanwhile, the respective contacts will also be uploaded and available for QSO matching within 60 days of the operation.

Tatakoto Atoll, Tuamotu, French Polynesia

TX0T. где находится Атолл Татакото. Карта.

Tx0t Атолл Татакото. Восход солнца 11-06-2020 в 14: 31 GMT закат солнца в 03:23 GMT 
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