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Personal site of the amateur radio operator UR3LTD Сервер радиолюбителей России - схемы, документация,
 соревнования, дипломы, программы, форумы и многое другое! Web site UR7QM
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Moonraker have worked with Anytone to bring a sub £100 starter radio that is easy to use and ready programmed for the Foundation License holder

The Anytone AT-779UV Dual band Mobile radio is a compact rugged 25 watt mobile radio

Factory preprogrammed with the Moonraker code plug including all UK repeaters,2m Simplex,70cmSimplex,PMR446 (TX disabled),Marine Band (TX disabled)

Key Features/Specifications:

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The revised launch date for the AMSAT-EA EASAT-2 and Hades amateur radio satellites is January 14, 2021

In a post on the AMSAT Bulletin Board Felix EA4GQS writes:

To inform you that the AMSAT-EA satellites EASAT-2 and HADES flying
with SpaceX, are finally going to be launched, after a small delay, on
January 14, 2021. They have been already delivered and integrated on the
Alba Orbital deployer.

The satellites have been configured to act as FM voice and FSK data
repeaters and not ... Читать дальше »

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Safe aurora tours: Thinking of a visit to Norway? Marianne's Heaven on Earth Aurora Tours has a 7-seater minivan for families who don't require social distancing. See the Northern Lights or take a scenic day tour. Book here

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South African regulator ICASA has published draft digital sound broadcasting regulations. Licensing applications are invited for DRM in the MW and FM bands

On 29 March 2019, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa ("ICASA or the Authority”) published a notice1 in the Government Gazette regarding the conclusion of the inquiry into the use of Digital Sound Broadcasting ("DSB”) in South Africa. The said notice contains ICASA’s findings and position on the use of DSB in South Africa.

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Ofcom has published proposed amendments to the regulations regarding the use of short range radar (SRR) equipment in vehicles. 

Short range radar equipment includes blind spot and collision radars and other driving assistance technology, some of which relies on spectrum. 

We are consulting on amendments to the Wireless Telegraphy (Automotive Short Range Radar) (Exemption) Regulations 2013. These regulations mean certain SRRs in cars can be used in the 24 GHz band w ... Читать дальше »

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Итак WAE RTTY позади...Народу было предостаточно, бэнды за исключением
28мс , были   в  меру  открыты,  оставалось  включиться  и  ...получать
удовольствие!  Валерий  UT8IM  перед  тестом спрогнозировал участие 80
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Дон, K6ZO будет активен с Коморских островов, IOTA AF - 007, позывным D60AB.
Он будет работать на КВ диапазонах.
Последние DX споты D60AB
QSL через ... Читать дальше »

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18 ноября 2020 г. в эфире работают следующие DX:

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