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Главная » 2022 » Январь » 26 » St. Patrick’s Day weekend Flora and Fauna activity event
St. Patrick’s Day weekend Flora and Fauna activity event

WWFF, World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio is a long standing award scheme internationally and has more than 26,000 Protected Flora and Fauna (PFF) areas worldwide which are registered in the WWFF Directory.

The EI Flora and Fauna Award scheme, which is affiliated to the international scheme, has has been active since January 1st this year led by coordinator and awards manager Jer EI3HGB and Declan EI9HQLog Manager.

There are over 250 areas defined by the National Parks and Wildlife service and you can find all the necessary information on eiffirl.wordpress.com. Planning is underway for an activity over the four day St. Patricks Day weekend and amateurs are asked to consider getting out and putting one of their local flora and fauna areas on the air.

Certificates will be available for both activators and chasers for this event. Please advise Declan EI9HQ of your plans so duplication can be avoided. Contact Declan by email at eifflogs /at/ gmail.com


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