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Главная » 2020 » Ноябрь » 23 » G0KSC Antenna modelling YouTube Channel
G0KSC Antenna modelling YouTube Channel

Justin Johnson G0KSC inventor of the  LFA (Loop Fed Array) Yagi and BOLPA (Band Optimised Log Periodic Array) Log Periodic antennas amongst others, has added a new YouTube channel to help Hams become proficient in Antenna Modelling.

‘A long time has passed since we could build a radio as good as any top end product we can buy but this is still not the case when it comes to Antennas’ says Justin. ‘There are three types of Hams out there in my opinion, those that will always buy antennas. Those that will always build there own and those that will do whatever is easiest.

This new YouTube channel will provide a set of visual tutorials that will guide the user through antennas modelling packages. We have started a series on exploring EZNEC and will move through 4NEC2, MMANA-gal and on to more sophisticated packages such as Ansys HFSS.’ He went on to say. ‘ Ham Radio is a hobby of experimentation and building antennas that work as good as any you can buy is still possible.

With this series of tutorials, it is hoped that the follower will be in a position where they can understand a little better how their antennas work, make adjustments to suit stacked and clustered antennas and perhaps make their own improvements and adjustments to designs too, before going on to produce their own antennas from software.’

Justin is encouraging ‘how to’ questions which will help shape the direction these tutorials take. You can subscribe to the channel through the link below and are encourage to view and get involved.



G0KSC - Antenna Design, Build and Tuition - YouTube

EZNEC Introduction Part 1 - EZNEC Software versions - YouTube

EZNEC Antenna modelling part 2 - Opening and exploring Yagis - YouTube

EZNEC Modelling - Part 3 Yagi analysys and Dipole comparison - YouTube

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