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Главная » 2018 » Октябрь » 6 » Worked All Germany (WAG)
Worked All Germany (WAG)
Dear Contester,
on behalf of DARC ("Deutscher Amateur Radio Club") we invite you again to the Worked All Germany Contest 2018 in a few days. 
It will not only be the last possibility to test your setup for the upcoming WWDX contest but also 24 hours of big activity with more than 2000 German stations on the air. 
The 58th edition of this well known Contest (starting 1959 the first WADM Contest, 1962 the second and than year by year) will be running from 20th October, 15.00 UTC, until 21th October, 14.59 UTC.
As an international participant you have to work German stations for points and DARC districts for multipliers. You have to send RS(T) and a serial number starting with 001. 
German stations may work everybody. Members of DARC send RS(T) and their DOK. Non-members of DARC in Germany will send "NM" instead of a DOK.
You will find the complete rules here: 

Note that the rules define contestfree segments to avoid collisions with stations participating in the JOTA
 (Scouts' Jamboree on the air) on this weekend.

For submitting logs please use our webupload at 
Deadline for submissions is November 5th, 2018.
For questions send a mail to wag-info@dxhf.darc.de
The list of log entries, claimed scores, reports and final results will be published on our website 
And now: Join the WAG and enjoy!

73, Heiko DL1RTL
WAG Contestmanager

Please think also about some activity in the DARC Training Contest (1200-1430 UTC on 40/80m) to attract rookies with somewhat slower and friendly activity:

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