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Главная » 2021 » Декабрь » 22 » Wellington Conference 2022
Wellington Conference 2022

New Zealand's national society NZART has posted the following information:

Conference Forums

We are now calling for those attending Conference in 2022 to make contact if they can run a Forum. By using the Contact Us link, send a email to register your interest. Contact Us

Location: James Cook Grand Chancellor, 147 The Terrace, Wellington (confirmed).
Date: 11-12 June 2022 (confirmed).

Note: Next year’s conference will be run a week after Queens Birthday Weekend. It will be a two day event with the ability to FIFO (Fly In and Fly Out) with only a single nights accommodation (for the Saturday) if this suits people to do so. There will be no Sunday evening meal with the conference concluding at 3:30 pm on 12 June 2022.

Timetable for Conference 2022 (TBC)

Saturday 11 June 2022
Registration opens: 8:30 am
Morning Tea starts at 10:00 am (until 10:30 am)
AGM starts at: 10:30 am
Lunch 12:30 pm (until 1:30 pm)
AGM resumes at 1:30 pm
Afternoon Tea at 2:30 pm (until 3:00 pm)
AREC Annual Meeting starts at 3:00 pm
AREC Annual Meeting finishes at 5:00 pm
Pre-dinner drinks starts at 6:30 pm
Dinner starts at 7:00 pm

Sunday 12 June 2022
Forums start at 8:30 am with AGM’s – OTC, SPAM, WARO
Morning Tea starts at 10:00 am (until 10:30 am)
Lunch 12:30 pm
Forums start at 1:30 pm
Forums finish 3:30 pm
Conference ends at 3:30 pm

An Alternative Programme will run on both days. It will commence at 10:30 am on the Saturday from the hotel and will return no later that 5:00 pm. On the Sunday it will commence after WARO AGM and conclude at 3:30 pm on the Sunday.

It is recommended you book your travel now as the best air fares and interisland travel options are now available.


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