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Главная » 2020 » Сентябрь » 2 » Vega launch of three satellites with ham radio payload
Vega launch of three satellites with ham radio payload

Christophe Mercier reports three satellites with amateur radio payloads will be on the Vega VV16 launch expected to take place early morning on September 2

On the AMSAT Bulletin Board he writes:

The Vega rocket (VV16) is scheduled to leave Kourou on 02 september 2020 at 3h36 CEST with 53 satellites on board.

One of the satellites that will be leaving is the Amicalsat satellite built by the CSUG (Centre Spatial Universitaire Grenoblois). The measurements made by the satellite will be available to all.  They will allow radio amateurs to use them for propagation predictions.

The project's website (in english) has just been put online:

The Amsat-Francophone supported this project:

A software (Linux & Windows)  is provided for decoding the telemetry and
sending it to the database (SatNogs). The user manual is available (in

UHF 436.1 MHz AFSK 1200 RS17S
S band 2,415.3 MHz GFSK 1000 kb/s

Reports are welcome. Thank you for your help.

The first 5 people who receive a frame from AmicalSat will receive a gift.
To submit your frame uses the satnogs SIDS or email satellite@adri38.fr

Two other satellites :

UHF 437.405 MHz AFSK 1200 UPMST2


Primary 435.450 MHz 1k2 and 9k6 and CW
Secondary 10465.000 MHz OPSK 62.5 Kbs and 20 Mbs
See this link

1 74001U 20500A 20246.14839410 .00000000 00000-0 50000-4 0 05 2 74001
97.4424 319.0247 0002779 53.5911 328.5572 15.10021350 09


Christophe Mercier

Amsat-F chairman

AMSAT Bulletin Board http://www.amsat.org/mailman/listinfo/amsat-bb

Vega Flight VV16 https://www.arianespace.com/mission/vega-flight-vv16/


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