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Главная » 2020 » Октябрь » 19 » The Japan’s first QSO between two unlicensed guest operators
The Japan’s first QSO between two unlicensed guest operators

8J1YAB, 7-CALL Amateur Radio Club Experience station started its operation on 11th October, 2020.

Experience station is newly established system authorized by the Japanese Radio Law.

Under this special permission, even unlicensed people are allowed to operate the experience station under the supervising of licensed amateur.

This new operation aims to promote experience on wireless communication technology.

7M4VQJ, the President of 7-CALL Amateur Radio Club called CQ and made a first QSO with 8J2YAB/1, our sister station hosted by Suzuki Laboratory, Management of Business Development (MOT) Course, National University Corporation Shizuoka University operated by JJ0RHL as a first Japanese QSO case between two experience stations.

7K1BIB, Compliance Manager performed as a licensed supervisor for experience QSOs.

The first QSO by unlicensed guest operator was made with 8J1JARL, JARL Special station hosted by the Kanto Region Society of Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) operated by JL1USZ.

Then, we successfully achieved the historical QSO with 8J3YAA/3, Osaka based experience station as a first Japanese QSO case between two unlicensed guest operators across 374km (Tokyo/Osaka).

The licensed supervisor of 8J3YAA/3 in Osaka was JS3CEQ.

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