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Главная » 2021 » Октябрь » 31 » Laboratory test model of 'Sputnik 1 EMC/EMI', 1957
Laboratory test model of 'Sputnik 1 EMC/EMI', 1957

1:1 scale test model of the satellite 'Sputnik-1', serial no. '0K6-1/004/1957', with built-in transmitter (including modern 12-volt power supply), polished stainless-steel sphere, consisting of two threaded hemispheres of approx. 23 in. diameter with two pairs of antennae of 95 in. and 105 in. at an angle of 35 degrees to the axis, on stand with O-ring, stand approx. 59 in. high, stand and model together approx. 79 in. high, accompanied by a Tesla Maj 620A radio receiver, manufactured in Prague c. 1956, restored working condition, including replacement of the silver-zinc battery with a modern alternative and a new metal casing for the electronic transmitter.

Note: Built at the Experimental Design Bureau-1 (OK?-1/OKB-1) factory, also known as S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Koroljow, Soviet Union, in 1957, shortly before the launch of Sputnik-1. -

An impressive artefact from the dawn of the space age, of which few models are known. - Provenance: From the collection of Dr. Frank Malina, USA/CSSR.

Start Price: EUR 85.000


 Our thanks to Stephen, G7VFY for spotting this itemПоделитесь этой страницей

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