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Главная » 2021 » Март » 9 » International HF Contest
International HF Contest

International HF Contest

"The quiet contest!"

Organizer: Romanian Society of Radioamateurs–YO3KSR Club
Date: March 15 2021, 18.00-20.59 UTC. Yearly in third Monday of March
80 m
FT4 only– from 3575 to 3578 kHz

40 m
FT4 only– from 7047,5 to 7050 kHz

Note: SO2R operating technique is encouraged, but only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.
F. SO-QRP-80+40m
Note #1: LP (Low Power) is defined as max. 100 W output / QRP is defined as max. 5 W output.
Note #2: Even if Single Band category is chosen, all participants are encouraged to operate both bands and to submit full log to contest organizer.
Exchange:-YO stations & Foreign stations:: Call, signal report + serial number starting with 0001  (either separate numbers on each band, or in a single sequence per contest).
Note: in WSJT-X V. 2.1.2 or later / MSHV V. 2.30 or later, please use ARRL-RTTY-Roundup contest settings(all stations, including USA and Canada will select RTTY RU Exch = ”DX”).
Score - 1 QSO = 1 pct. No multipliers
Any station may work any other station. Stations may be worked once per band,
Final Score = sum of points of the QSOs
Contest call: CQ BU. Note: TX6 macro may be edited to suit this requirement
Logs Are accepted only in Cabrillo format. (no paper logs or any other formats).
File name should be station CALL. (Example: YO3XYZ.cbr or YO3XYZ.log)
Deadlines/Addresses: Contest logs in electronic format Cabrillo must be submitted to email address:bucurestidigital@gmail.com.
Log submission deadline: 7 days after the end of the contest.
IMPORTANT: In the email subject field please specify call sign used in the Contest
Awards: Electronic certificates will be sent to all participants.
Depending on sponsors’ availability, additional prizes will be awarded to first places and random participants, through raffle drawing.
Contest Related Information
Regardless of chosen category, participants are encouraged to operate both bands.
No penalties will be applied for dupes. Dupes should not be removed off the contest log.
Participants may change bands without restrictions. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.
By submitting the contest log to organizer, it is considered that the entrant is accepting the terms and conditions of this Contest Rules.
The decisions of the contest sponsor are official and final.
Operators will be disqualified in any of this cases:
A– Violation of the Romanian Amateur Radio-communication Regulation applicable for YO station or for foreign stations National Amateur Service Regulation corresponding to each country that operators are located.
B– Violation of this contest rules
C– Attempt to fraud own results or others participants or with other participants (in this case all operators involved in fraud attempt will be disqualified)
D– Exceeding the band segments assigned to this contest and power limit
The points of both participants will be canceled in following cases:
- if in the submitted log, record time stamp is different with more than 5 minutes with matched correspondent record time stamp;
- if in submitted log records are not matching the call sign with matched correspondent records
- if in the submitted logs are mistakes in numeric code (these codes must be submitted complete including report )
- duplicate QSO’s (if the same call sign was previously logged in same band)

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