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Personal site of the amateur radio operator UR3LTD Сервер радиолюбителей России - схемы, документация,
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Главная » 2021 » Октябрь » 3 » Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

Members of the Tifariti Gang/DX Friends will be active as HD8R from Galapagos Islands (SA-004) between October 26th and November 7th.

Operators mentioned are Toni/EA5RM (Team Leader), Alberto/EA1SA, Gen/EA5EL, Raul/EA5KA, Javier/EA5KM, Manuel/EA7R, Jose Ramón/EA7X, Flo/F5CWU, Jean Jacques/F5NKX, Tony/F8ATS, Fausto/HC5VF, Faber/HK6F, Simone/IK5RUN and Fabrizio/IN3ZNR. The pilot station will be Tony, EC7ZK.

Activity will be on 160-6 meters, including 60m, using CW, SSB, the Digital modes and low orbit satellites, with at least 4 stations that include Spiderbeams, verticals, Inverted "Ls" and beverages.

Suggested frequencies are:
CW - 1824, 3524, 7004, 10104, 14024, 18074, 21024, 24894 and 28024 kHz
SSB - 1845, 3780, 7065/7160, 14195, 18145, 21295, 24945 and 28495 kHz
RTTY - 14080 kHz
FT8 - 1843, 3567, 5357, 7056, 10131, 14090, 18095, 21091, 24911 and 28095
6m - 50103/CW, 50103/SSB and 50313/FT8

QSL via EA5RM. Minimun requirements are: Self Addressed Envelope (SAE) and 3 USDs for up to 15 QSOs or 3 QSL cards (20 grams letter), 4 USDs are needed for more than 15 QSOs or 3 QSL cards.

QSL FOR DONORS: If you have donated 25 Euros, 30 USDs or more, send your QSO data by E-mail to their QSL Manager (ea5rm@arrl.net) including your address and they will send your HD8R QSL direct.

An OQRS will also be available. For more details and updates, see: http://www.dxfriends.com/hd8r


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