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Главная » 2021 » Апрель » 7 » DARC say CW is most popular mode
DARC say CW is most popular mode
Germany's DARC have released statistics for 2020 showing the breakdown of the DARC Community Logbook (DCL) by mode, it says CW made up 51% of all contacts

A translation of the DARC post reads:

Unlike the recently published Club Log statistics, according to which amateur radio apparently only takes place in FT8, the survey by transmission type for the DARC Community Logbook (DCL) says something different:

In roughly the same comparison period, 51% of the DCL QSOs were in CW, 35% in SSB, 12% in FT8, 1% in FT4 and 1% in RTTY.

This roughly corresponds to the distribution of the contacts for the special calls DF7Ø / DP7Ø / DK7ØDARC, DM3ØRSV and most recently DL21EURO.

Further information on the DCL can be found at:

Source DARC https://darc.de/

DARC give no indication as to how many QSOs their Community logbook actually recorded during 2020.

The popular Club Log records around 66 million QSOs each year and recently published an analysis of their statistics which gives a totally different view of mode activity, see
https://g7vjr.org/2021/03/club-log-activity-report-2021-update/Поделитесь этой страницей
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