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Главная » 2020 » Октябрь » 31 » Available/Reserved UK amateur radio callsigns
Available/Reserved UK amateur radio callsigns
Ofcom were asked in a Freedom of Information request to provide a list of Available/Reserved amateur radio callsigns

The request submitted on October 3, 2020 asked:

Please provide me with a list of all available/reserved amateur radio callsigns that OFCOM has a database entry for.

In addition to this, if possible, please also include in the list when each reserved callsign will be marked as unreserved, or the earliest possible date they can be re-registered. If this is impossible, please provide the date of which they entered reserved status.

On October 29 Ofcom responded saying:

Please find attached a list of callsigns which are reserved and marked as available/still reserved from our database.

In response to your request for the date when each reserved call sign will be marked as unreserved, please refer to the "Reserved to Date” column. Additionally, where there is a licence record against any call sign, we have determined the cancelation date of that licence to be the date upon which the call sign became reserved; please refer to the "Licence Cancel Date” column.
Where there is neither a "Reserved to Date” nor a "Licence Cancel Date”, it is because we do not hold this information.

The callsign spreadsheet they provided is at this link

Source What Do They Know
Click here

You can submit a Freedom of Information request to Ofcom online at
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