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Главная » 2021 » Декабрь » 27 » Amateur Radio Club bands together during pandemic
Amateur Radio Club bands together during pandemic

As the pandemic picks up speed once again and people are advised to limit their in-person social interactions, a small group of people are reaching out across the airwaves from Barrie to connect with others in a much different way.

The Barrie Amateur Radio Club has been one of the few activities that has thrived during the now two-year COVID crisis.

Formed in the 1960s, its current band of roughly 60 like-minded members are armed with dependable radio technology that has been in use for over a hundred years. And they use the equipment not just for the social aspect, but also to fulfil a need if called upon in our city when disaster strikes.

Part of the club’s mission statement is to "maintain radio systems suitable for providing communications for the benefit of the community and, when requested, to assist civil authorities.”

An example of this assistance would be to provide emergency services in the city as a way to communicate in an event where existing critical communications and infrastructure fails.

Prior to the pandemic, the club held monthly meetings with police and fire services to discuss training scenarios and what the club’s role could be in helping during an emergency.

But for most days, the main activity of the group is to just have fun.

Ed Murray, the club's public information officer, enjoyed listening to shortwave radio as a kid and waited until he retired in 2019 to learn how to become an amateur radio operator.

When asked about what his favourite part of being a member is, he says, "helping the community and the camaraderie with the 60 different members that have a wide range of talents and experiences to share.”

Technical milestones are thrilling as well, he said.

"I also managed to bounce a signal off the International Space Station and receive their repeater message. It calls out the frequency, its call letters, and gives out the time in Universal Time," Murray tells BarrieToday

To help demystify some radio jargon, a repeater is an electronic device that can receive a weaker radio signal, or a signal from a portable radio user, and re-transmit it over a much wider area so that other users can receive the signal.

"During the early days of the pandemic during isolation, in 2020, I spent a lot of time down here in my radio shack, talking. We had a wellness check where people would get on their radios at 1:30 every afternoon and we would all take our turns to say what is going on and how we were doing," Murray says. 

"Clubs would reach out to other clubs as well. We’ve been able to take a situation and turn it around and put it into a positive light," he adds. 

Read the full article (with photos) at:

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