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Главная » 2024 » Июнь » 3 » ALL ASIAN DX Contest

held from 15.06.2024 00:00 UTC to 16.06.2024 24:00 UTC
Modulation: CW
Range: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m
Classes: - One operator - one band (for Asian stations of the High Power, Low Power subgroup; for participants outside Asia - only High Power). - One operator - all bands: (for Asian stations of the High Power, Low Power subgroup; for participants outside Asia - only High Power). - Many operators - one transmitter. - Many operators - many transmitters. Notes. In Single-OP subgroups, it is implied that all actions on the radio station during the competition are performed by one person. LOW POWER means using a transmitter with power up to 100 W. For HIGH POWER, power is determined by its own license. For MOST stations, a "10 minute" rule is used when changing bands (similar to CQ WW). During any 10 minute period, only one transmitter and one band can be used. However, another band (only one) can be used during this 10 minute period if the connection made there will result in a new multiplier. The "10 minute rule" applies separately to "running" and "mult" transmitters. The location of transmitters for MOMT stations is limited to a circle with a diameter of 500 m. General provisions. A single signal can be on the air at any given time. Changing positions during the contest is not allowed. Communications through repeaters are prohibited. DX-alert networks are allowed, but self-spotting is not allowed. The use of "remote operation" (remote control of a radio station when all antennas, transmitters, receivers are in one position) is allowed. But it must comply with all regulatory documents, including operator licenses and competition rules. The use of transmitters, receivers and antennas located outside the working position is prohibited.
Exchange: SO participants transmit RS(T) and numbers corresponding to the operator's age. If the operator does not want to report his age, then RS(T) and 01 are transmitted. MO participants transmit RS(T) and numbers corresponding to the average age of the team members. General call "CQ AA" (by telephone - "CQ AA Contest").
Reports are accepted until: 28.06.2024
Address: E-mail: CW: aacw@jarl.org SSB: aaph@jarl.org
Internet address: http://www.jarl.org
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