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Главная » 2022 » Январь » 20 » Video: ‘Reviewing the Icom ID-52E 5W D-STAR Transceiver'
Video: ‘Reviewing the Icom ID-52E 5W D-STAR Transceiver'

The ID-52E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver has only been available to buy for just a short time, and you may have already purchased one or be in the market to buy one. Together with Bob McCreadie G0FGX and his colleagues at TX Films, Icom UK are pleased to share with you this comprehensive yet simple to understand video which not only provides a great introduction to this radio but also provides many tips on how to use it.

In the video Bob…

- Demonstrates how to operate the ID-52E and many of its features/settings.
- Provides an overview of the ID-52E's GPS, D-STAR and Bluetooth capabilities.
- Explains how to work with channels/memories.
- Demonstrates how to use the CS-52 cloning software

Watch ‘Reviewing the Icom ID-52E 5W D-STAR Transceiver’

For more details about the ID-52E Dual-Band D-STAR Digital Transceiver, visit the ‘ID-52E Product Page’.

For more information about TX Films and their video programme dedicated to the great hobby of Amateur Radio, visit http://www.txfactor.co.uk/.


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