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Главная » 2021 » Ноябрь » 13 » WIA meets with ACMA
WIA meets with ACMA
During October the WIA met with the ACMA to discuss several important topics including the new amateur radio class licencing proposals

How the APANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) criteria of EMR compliance will integrate with the potentially new Amateur licencing structure, some of the finer points of the 2x1 Callsigns and the FYSO (Five Year Spectrum Outlook) and the effects it will have on the Amateur Radio community long term.

ACMA welcomed the opportunity to meet with the WIA and were accepting that the previous very detailed submission on amateur licensing arrangements provided the ACMA with significant  detail and knowledge to consider.

With respect to Amateur licencing arrangements, ACMA advise that the submission to the ACMA Authority was almost complete and would go forward shortly.  The next step once approved is to proceed with a Response to Submissions and suggested steps going forward.  This was most likely to occur Jan/Feb 2022, a busy time for both WIA and ACMA.

ACMA advised that the update on changes for the Amateur Service related to the APANSA EME Standard ACMA would consist of the intention to lift the current requirements from the Apparatus LCD into the new regulatory framework.  There is no intention to impose any additional burden on amateurs.  WIA finds this as an exceptional approach as any changes would entail a large educational requirement and that education in this area would be a necessity anyway.

The 2x1 Contest callsigns have been a great success and ACMA is not considering imposing any further operating conditions. It will be up to the Amateur Community to come to a consensus that is reflective of the international view of contesting criteria and appropriate use of the 2x1 contesting callsigns.

ACMA mentioned that they are working on the assignment process for Assignment of Repeater and Beacon apparatus licences.  It was acknowledged of the WIAs role in International band plans.  Discussions with ACMA and other parties are ongoing with the WIA developing a framework document  for comment as a way of progressing to a suitable arrangement.

The outcome and discussions were robust and the WIA thanked the ACMA for scheduling the WIA into their very busy schedule.  

Source WIA News
https://www.wia.org.au/members/broadcast/wianews/display.php?file_id=wianews-2021-11-14Поделитесь этой страницей
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