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Главная » 2019 » Декабрь » 4 » Impact of VDSL interference on the Amateur Radio Service
Impact of VDSL interference on the Amateur Radio Service
In November Ofcom published the result of technical surveys on the effects of electromagnetic emissions from Openreach cables carrying VDSL services but their conclusion seemed markedly different from the RSGB's

The RSGB report - Determination of impact of VDSL interference on the Amateur Radio Service - is available for download at

The accompanying presentation slides are at

What needs to be done by BT Openreach to reduce RF Interference? 
The RSGB say:
• Improve Line Balance where necessary – we have a mechanism in place to request line balance on nearby lines via the EMC Committee but this improves <10% cases
• Clean-up self-installs - difficult for a neighbouring property but Openreach should fit NTE5C with Mk4 faceplate which also improves broadband speeds and increases immunity
• Remove upstream band interference by universally notching 10.1 to 10.15MHz with guard-bands and by increasing the D1 to U1 guard-band to always protect 3.7 to 3.8MHz emergency frequencies
• Selectively notch amateur bands in downstream (particularly 14MHz band) at affected premises
• Reroute the overhead cables so they are further from the amateurs’ antennas when necessary
• Provide FTTP instead of FTTC at problem locations

RSGB meets Ofcom to discuss VDSL issues

Ofcom Report: Spectrum Assurance analysis of BT Openreach VDSL

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