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Главная » 2021 » Ноябрь » 4 » IARU bandplan proposal for Digital modes
IARU bandplan proposal for Digital modes
The IARU document proposing greatly enhanced bandplan allocations for digital modes such as FT8 is available to download

In the case of 20m it is proposed these data segments should be allocated:  
• 21 kHz for "Time Sync Data” modes such as FT8 and FT4
• 24 kHz for conversational digital modes e.g. Olivia, Domino
• 19 kHz for Automatic Unattended

The IRTS site says:

Objectives were to review the data modes usage of the Amateur Radio HF spectrum and propose changes that:
- Reduce inter-mode conflict between dissimilar operating modes; and
- Facilitate the expansion of new technologies.

In conducting the review it was considered necessary to update the manner in which the IARU creates its band plans. Accordingly, the group studying this issue have redefined IARU's band planning definition toolkit, and added additional data mode definition characteristics to help separate activities that are fundamentally incompatible within the data mode family.

With the band planning process updated the band plans of all three IARU Regions were studied focusing on the data sub-bands taking into consideration:
- Popularity and capacity requirements; and
- Existing band users and inter-mode compatibility assessments.

The document is available on the IRTS site at
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