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Главная » 2019 » Октябрь » 31 » 122 GHz ham radio band on Hackaday
122 GHz ham radio band on Hackaday
Neil G4DBN has released details of his latest project on the popular Hackaday site - A set of feedhorns, reference horns and flange couplers for use with the SiliconRadar TRA_120_002 chipset on the 122 GHz amateur radio band 

He writes: 

Building on the designs from Andrew Anderson VK3CV using a duplexer cavity fitted over the 5x5mm TRA_120_002 radar chip, 
https://siliconradar.com/products/single-product/120-ghz-transceiver-tra_120_002/ but using threaded adjustment for best match. 

I'm working on a range of alternative fittings including UG-387/U anti-cocking flanges, reference horns, feedhorns and Chaparral-style choked horns. I'll extend the range of fittings to include WR-08 rectangular waveguide transitions and tapered sections to 1.8mm or smaller round guides as demand arises.The 122 GHz band presents extreme challenges to long distance communication because of atmospheric resonances (2nd harmonic of the 60GHz Oxygen resonance) and water vapour absorption. Losses are in excess of 1dB per km. The world record distance for this band is around 60 km.

Further details at 
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